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Program Highlights

Tuition Free:

The Rebanks Family Fellowship and International Performance Residency Program is fully funded - there are no tuition or ancillary fees charged. In addition, each Rebanks Fellow receives a living stipend of $6,000.

Faculty Lessons and Coaching Sessions:

Each Rebanks Fellow will have a primary studio teacher from among The Glenn Gould School’s celebrated faculty, who will mentor them and provide focused coaching twice per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is a high school transcript required for ADP applicants?

Yes, ADP applicants must submit a high school transcript as well as an undergraduate transcript.

When will I be notified of the prescreening results?

Applicants will be emailed with their prescreening result in January.

Do all application materials need to be mailed at the same time?

Supporting documents, such as reference letters and transcripts, should be uploaded to the online application before submission.

If I am unable to audition live in Toronto, can I submit a recorded audition?

All applicants are encouraged to audition live. Contact the Admissions and Student Services Manager if you are unable to audition live. Please note that prescreening recordings for piano and voice applications may be sent via DVD.

English is not my first language. Am I still able to study at The Glenn Gould School?

Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting satisfactory scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Can I transfer credits from another school?

Students wishing to transfer credits to The Glenn Gould School must submit transcripts from the post-secondary schools they have attended with a catalogue of course outlines. Only courses with a grade of 70% or better will be considered for transfer. Not all courses are available for transfer credit.

Can I study at The Glenn Gould School part-time?

The Glenn Gould School does not offer part-time studies.

How much time do studies at The Glenn Gould School require?

Students must be registered in at least 20 hours of class or individual instruction per week. Both the Bachelor of Music; Performance (Honours) and the Artist Diploma Program require a minimum residency of two years. The academic year runs September through May.