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Steven Leigh


Steven Leigh

Steven Leigh is a devoted vocal linguist and pedagogue. After completing his Licentiate in Vocal Performance (with distinction) from McGill University, he focused his studies on speech and sound as they relate to vocal technique. He also completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts (with distinction), majoring in Second Language Learning (Italian) with a double minor in Italian Culture and Communication Studies and Near and Middle Eastern Studies (Arabic Language and Linguistics).

Already conversant in French, Hebrew, modern Greek, and Russian as a child, in his 20s Steven added Italian and German and discovered the field of dialectology and language variation. This led him to investigate the phonetics and structure of two Semitic and 11 Indo-European languages.

Steven has developed courses teaching the international phonetic alphabet, language, and culture for opera singers and stage actors at the City University of New York, McGill University, Opera on the Avalon in Newfoundland, and most recently at the Summer Opera Program at The Royal Conservatory.

Steven is an accomplished singer, pianist, and coach. Highlights as a singer include the world premiere of Srul Irving Glick’s A Life's Journey (Songs for Isaac) in Toronto, Don José with the Illinois Opera Theater, the Duke in Rigoletto at Fairfield Halls, England, and appearances in Montreal with the Cantabile Chorale and Orchestra. His extensive vocal work includes studies with Joan Dornemann, Lucy Arner, Nico Castel, Mignon Dunn, Louis Quilico, Puli Toro, Deborah Birnbaum, and Norma Newton (New York), Stuart Hamilton and Lynn Blaser (Toronto), Maria Cleva (International Vocal Arts Institute), and Margaret Lobo (London).

You can reach Professor Leigh through e-mail at: [email protected]