The Royal Conservatory The Glenn Gould School

About The Glenn Gould School

The Glenn Gould School faculty consists of leading performing artists who hold principal positions with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and other major orchestras, or who have had successful careers as soloists and chamber musicians. The faculty share a deep commitment to passing along their craft to students.

The ARC Ensemble is the Grammy-nominated ensemble-in-residence at The Royal Conservatory consisting of members of the Glenn Gould School faculty. The ensemble often includes Glenn Gould School alumni and current students in their concerts. To learn more, please visit the ARC Ensemble's website.

James Anagnoson

Rachel Andrist
Vocal Coaching

Atis Bankas

Jeffrey Beecher
Double bass; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire

Tanya Bénard
Alexander Technique

Marie Berard
Violin; Orchestral Repertoire

Michael Berkovsky
Piano Duos

Stephanie Bogle
Voice; Stagecraft and Acting

Andrew Burashko

Burke Cullen
English Literature

Brian Current
Director of New Music Ensemble

Victor Danchenko

Steven Dann
Viola; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire

Andres Diaz
Cello; Chamber Music

Bryan Epperson
Cello; Chamber Music

Olivia Esther

Leon Fleisher
Piano; Master Class

Chris Foley
Music Literature

Julia Galieva-Szokolay

Brahm Goldhamer
Vocal Coaching; Opera Workshop; Opera Repertoire

Christopher Gongos
Horn; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire

Jeff Hall
Bass Trombone

David Hetherington

Desmond Hoebig

Susan Hoeppner
Flute; Chamber Music

Sarah Jeffrey
Oboe; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire

Sasha Johnson

Patrick Jordan
Music Literature

Kathleen Kajioka
Historical Performance Practices: Strings

Paul Kantor

Joel Katz
Voice; History; Music Literature; Pedagogy

David Kent
Percussion; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertorie

Dennis Kim
Violin; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire

Andrew Kwan
Career Management

Steven Leigh

Robert Loewen
German Diction

Judy Loman
Harp; Chamber Music; Music Literature

Peter Longworth
Sonata Repertoire

Janet Lopinski

David Louie
Piano; Chamber Music

Jean MacPhail
Voice; English Diction

Andrew McCandless

Frank Morelli
Bassoon; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire

Jason Nedecky
Vocal Studies: French Art Song

John O'Conor

John Perry

Gabriel Radford
Horn; Chamber Music

Katharine Rapoport

Erika Raum
Violin; Chamber Music; Sonata Repertoire

Roxolana Roslak
Voice; Vocal Studies: Contemporary Repertoire

John Rudolph
Percussion; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertorie

Kathleen Rudolph
Flute; Music Literature

Mayumi Seiler

Barry Shiffman
Violin; Director of Chamber Music

George Thurgood
Keyboard Harmony

Peter Tiefenbach
Vocal Coaching; Opera Workshop

Jennifer Tung
Vocal Coaching; Collegium

Joaquin Valdepenas
Clarinet; RCO Resident Conductor; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire

Virginia Weckstrom
Sonata Repertoire

Monica Whicher
Voice; Vocal Studies: Concert Repertoire

Paul Widner
Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire

Gordon Wolfe
Trombone; Chamber Music; Orchestral Repertoire